Pest Control

Pest Control

Biotechnical Varroa Control

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B.C. Ministry of Agriculture

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If your bees have perished it’s a good idea to get them tested. This is a free service that can help you figure out why your bees died which might tell you what to do or not to do again and also if your equipment is safe for repopulating. Contact me if you would like me to do a Nosema test for you .

We prefer to receive a bee sample of at least 50 adult bees. To ship, dry the sample first in a paper bag, place in the freezer for a few days and then mail in a container where any excess space is filled with paper towels, toilet paper or any other moisture-absorbing material.

Ship this to

Paul van Westendorp
Provincial Apiculturist
1767 Angus Campbell Rd
Abbotsford BC V3G 2M3

For more information about honey bee health please refer to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Disease and Pests Beekeeping Bulletins.